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Meet our new friend, Streetparty In Liverpool!

streetparty in liverpool

Marleigh is a girl who dedicates her music to her faith. Not too many people are courageous enough to do that. New Age Media tells you all about her music and why she does what she does.

Q.  How long have you been writing music and performing?
A. I’ve been doing this since mid 2011, so almost 2 years
Q. What inspired you to devote your music to your faith?
A. About 2 years ago, I had my faith tested big-time, resulting in a personal revival and new found love of Jesus, and I was also learning guitar about that time, so those two things just seemed to mesh together quite nicely.
Q. What do you hope to accomplish with your music?
A. Happiness. For me, for other people, for Jesus. I want to make Him proud with what I’m doing.
Q. Where did you come up with the title “333″ for your album?
A. I started seeing the number 333 everywhere. I’d look at the clock at 3:33, my change at a store would be $3.33. So,I googled it (like you do with things of great importance) and it’s mainly said to represent the Holy Trinity. I take it as a reassurance of His presence, a reminder to keep on His path and not mine.
Q.  What’s the biggest challenge you face when writing music?
A. Not absentmindedly copy melodies from other people.
Q. Where’s your favorite place to perform?
A. My home church. The first time I ever played for anyone but myself was there, so there are lots of memories in those walls.
Q.  How do you turn negative life experiences into a positive, uplifting song?
A. I use a lot of scripture. I try to find the most uplifting verse I can and use that. Most of my songs are just pulled directly from Psalms.
Q. A lot of people are weary of going public with Christian music, simply because religion creates controversy. What gives you the confidence to put your music out there for the whole world to hear?
A. I heard somebody say that ‘God never punishes anyone for enthusiasm, but more for a lack of’. So, I just pray away any nerves and run with it, thinking ‘if no one else but God likes this song, that’s fine by me’ but, I also think God’s doing a really good job of keeping the crazy, mean and negative people away from me. So, big props to Him.
Q.  What’s your biggest personal reward for doing what you do?
A. Feeling Jesus work through me. I get all tingly and warm inside and I can tell He’s doing something big, whether in my heart, or someone else’s. The music I make is just my uncensored love towards God. And it’s great when I can feel Him send His uncensored love back.

Marleigh’s album “333″ is also available on Spotify and BandCamp, so be sure to give it a listen.

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